Mr. Hand

The dreadful Obazy pushes back from his desk and looks off into the dead air between him self and the wall with an arrogant face.

Inside he is seething with rage about recent events; the report sitting on his desk tells how three SEAL?s took out three pirates. The interviews conducted with the SEAL?s tell how they gave credit to their training and to the multiple tours in Iraq, inadvertent praise given to the former administration.

?Who gave them the authority to shoot??

?The Captain of the ship.?

?I gave orders that the pirates were not to be harmed, they were ZOMBIES!?

?It appears that a Naval Captain and sea has the implicit orders to safeguard U.S. citizens when on the high seas, obligation shall we say, that surpasses even the authority you have over him.?

The advisor spoke in a cultured intelligent monotone voice. He was tall and gaunt with a pasty gray complexion, eyes the color of cloudy brown, rose question whether he could see or not. He wore a brown tweed suit with a white and dark blue tie. His closely cropped curly hair was a powdery gray. If there was a patriarch of the zombies this was the man.

Obazy stood up and walked toward the tall advisor. He approached calmly and with much humility.

?Sir,? said Obazy in an unaccustomed submissive voice, ?what shall I do??

The advisor took in a small breath. ?Praise the ship and its crew, but do it in such a way that people think you approved of the actions, in fact make it sound as if it were your plan all along. In a few months have the Captain of the ship thrown out of the Navy, and follow that by taking the SEAL?s out of the teams, put them somewhere, that their skills will diminish and they grow bored. Remember. The military is our enemy, an obstacle to our ultimate goal. You must begin dismantling it now.?

?Yes, Mr. Hand,? acquiesced Obazy.

?On to another topic. You have nearly derailed all our planes by bowing to the king, if people learn he is the ruling zombie, our quest could very well end. Do not make a mistake like that again. The Hall of prosperity would be most upset with you.?


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