The Key to Zombie Rule

The Dreadful Obazy lounges about his office. Like most zombies he dreams about his next pound of flesh, unfortunately the nagging health care agenda has taken longer than expected and he must shift his focus from his succulent pound of flesh to that of taking over an industry and ultimately the American people.

"Obazy. Stop your daydreaming." The command came from the hidden recess of his office, by one of the few people who truly struck fear into his soulless being.

"I'm sorry Mr. Hand." The obsequious nature of Obazy would have astounded all who had ever seen the arrogant fool patter on television or stand before a crowd of thousands with his chin jutting out like a pumped up Mussolini.

"The health care reform must be passed, and it must be made law. It will be the end to a human dominated world and usher in the age of zombies."

"I understand Mr. Hand, but I am hampered by the law."

"Then change the law. Once this is passed we will control the humans, they will be our cattle, our slaves. The zombies will rule this world as was foretold in the book of Ghosts. Nold and the Inquisitors have planted the seeds of death throughout the world, zombies on the precipice of domination. You are the key that will open the gates and let the walking dead reign for all eternity."


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