Obazy Mouch

The Dreadful Obazy, Obazy Mouch, saunters down the hallway wearing a smug smile and his chin cocked high, so as to look down on all others. The house staff and advisors have taken to holding there eyes down on the floor and not looking the man in the face, lest the feel the wrath of the Obazy backhand.

The Dreadful one recently returned from a trip overseas, where he meet world leaders, some of those leaders lead while others were dictators, some of the countries had free people, and other had people who were little more than slaves.

Upon meeting the King of Sand, his eminence King Kool Haid, the Dreadful one fell to the ground and cried with tears streaming down his face at being in his presence.

The flight home was incredible hard on the Dreadful ones staff, since he ordered everyone to lay on the floor of the plane for the entire fourteen hour flight. He enjoyed watching them lose control of their bowels during the flight, and watching them squirm. Due to his zombie blood, the thick air in the cabin of human waste didn?t bother him. He just smiled and dreamt of the day everyone would be laying at his feet.


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