Seize the power

The dreadful one, talks with one of his most trusted advisors. A stinking corpse of a zombie, the advisors mouth barely moves for fear his lower jaw might fall off in presence of the one.

?My dark lord,? mumbles the advisor, ?We have an unprecedented opportunity to take control of the countries biggest businesses.?

The dreadful one sits back in his chair of animal friendly leather, a smug look on his face as he arrogantly stares as he ceiling.

?How goes the take over??

?My puppet has already proposed legislation to give the U.S. government the same basic set of tools for addressing financial distress at non-banks as it has in the bank context.

?Others are beginning to change language else where to define non-banks as any corporation in the country that is not a bank. With this definition in place, any company showing the slightest sign of financial distress will be a take over candidate.?

The dreadful ones smug smile broadens. ?Zombies will soon have what is due them; the corporations will soon belong to all of us. How are the planes, for feeding the CEO?s and top managers of the recovered corporations to the people?

The advisor laughs with a sickening sound. ?The plans have already been laid, we merely wait for the socialist to?.

The dreadful Obazies hand was a lightening flash as he struck his advisor across the face. His jaw flew through the air to slap against the wall with a gooey plop.

?Don?t every mention that word in my presence again. We are still at risk of a revolt if the people realize the path I?m leading them down.?

The advisor bobbed his head up and down, as he scurried across the room to pick up his lower jaw.

The dreadful one looked at his retreating advisor with a sadistic grin. ?Once the corporations are under my control, zombies will dominate the world, and I will be the one.?


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